Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

yes... indeed.

my cock is on fire. Just thought you'de like to know turtleco...

turtleco responds:

okay, best to put it out...

Great Keep Up The Work!

This was pretty awesome. I loved the narration and the bursting effects. Just wish it could have been alittle longer and more story behind it.

turtleco responds:

psh... 1 month of work ain't good enough for ya? :D

I guess I could've made a comprehensible story, but Magical-zorse deserves better than that.

I don't get it

wtf, is going on..... why is this fun...... A flying it who is being told by a guy with a lame voice and ended by a dino WTF what is this supposed to be.... well anyway a 6 for artwork

turtleco responds:

and you get a 5 for too many periods....

I can't say I understand

But comprehension is overrated anyway. Loved it, good job.

turtleco responds:


(get it?) :DDDD

Very surprising

I must say, you surprised me a lot with this submission. In truth i thought this was jsut going to be an animation of a horse humping a zebra or vice-versa. Instead, you gave me an enetertaining and thoroughly random viewing pleasure, Thank you!


turtleco responds:

pleasure.... mm.....

well I'm glad I surprised you, and entertained you...

smiley face...