Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"


ziz iz amazing and i mean ze awezome ztyle of amazing
zorry my "5" key iz broken...

turtleco responds:

lol, this has to be my favorite review ever. Well, here is a working S key just for you.

hmmmmmmmm ...

well it was well structured n stuff.

but i sure aint happy 'bout that fatal movie mistake!!!!
isn't the turtle supposed to reboot after the dinosaur hit the scene?

i mean .. in that way - zorse would've made all of his deliberations
for nothin, right?

that how i got it.

ya well ... maybe i'm wrong!

turtleco responds:

the turtle... reboot..? I am confused


Could be longer, but i loved it. I would suggest making more. Nothing too bad about this movie, but could be overall better. Good job, though.

turtleco responds:

longer? maybe I should give my flash some Viagra.


one word WHAT THE FUCK!!!

turtleco responds:

that's three words...


I'm not sure I knew what I was letting myself in for when i clicked the link to this. I'm still slightly confuddled. 6/10 for confuddling

turtleco responds:

just watch it again and it'll make sense. :D also click on some ads. Then it will REALLY make sense.