Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

Dunno why people are calling this lazy

The animation is actually nicely done. The art style reminds me of something that might be drawn either on the back of a binder or as a doodle in a sketchbook. Which isn't a put-down. I quite like it.

turtleco responds:

it's funny because I draw a lot on the back of my binder or notebook.


The animation is okay at best, but mostly lazy. Even the narration is boring. Overall, not really fun to watch. Shame.

turtleco responds:

not really fun to read... shame. :DDDDDDDDDd


Look at my Zorse- My zorse is AMAZING!
Give it a lick...

NO! Don't do it Charleeey, noooooooo~ NO Charley! CHARLEEY! Chaaaarleeeey...

And that's what your animation screamed to me. But the original randomness of your magical Zorse gets a 9/10 and 4/5 :D

turtleco responds:

that's wonderful

lazy but ok

pretty lazy nice bit of tweening there but some parts u went frame by frame but the floating zebra make him walk would show a bit of smooth animation or if he is floating a bit of weight to him arms swinging or something but yeh it was clean though not bad.

turtleco responds:

well then he wouldn't of been magical, now would he?

I'm not sure...

why I like it, but for some reason, i like it. (thought provoking eh?)

turtleco responds:

yeah, it makes me think....