Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"

pretty cool

magical-zorse, eh? like people said, it was random but fun to watch
it kind of reminded me of James the Zebra just by the looks of it, if you made reference to that i could be funny :p

turtleco responds:

you should go to magical-zorses account, he is an awesome person.


really random but funny

turtleco responds:

funny, but random. Really!

hanks for the review palinskee


well that was random and weird but awesome!i loved the song in the replay menu

turtleco responds:


yeah, thanks for the review. Glad you liked the song.

Good Vibe!

I loved the upbeat vibe of this short, definitely fun and enjoyable.
My only complaint is that Magical-Zorse's adventure was perhaps a little too short!
Please make more of these, maybe a series???....

turtleco responds:

uh... maybe. But I seriously doubt I can make 13 minute episodes in a 1 month or even 2 month time frame.

Something to see very HIGH

4REAL -_0

turtleco responds: