Reviews for "60 Seconds of Awesome"


I would say about 30 of the 60 seconds of awesome was actually 'awesome'.
Had it been an entire 60 seconds, I would have given you a ten.
However, this equals only 50% of the initially promised 100%.
As such, I am giving you a 5 out of 10.

How's that for Quid Pro Quo? :D


lol this really wasnt pure awesome... the gags were not that funny and the animation was decent but awesome is a bit of a stretch.


ehhh not to good


there was a promise of awesome, i saw "humourous" at best, a couple of those 10 seconders were close to awesome, but awesome doesn't come in halves, it is either awesome or not, and that was not.
why no faces? otherwise good animation
like the three coices of music.
not epic enough to be awesome, needs to bigger and bloodier with high octane action and a massive build up with slow mos and stuff. the ball going around the earth could have been awesome, make it pass through stuff show the throw in slow mo with the guy straining every ounce of his being. show why he is throwing it, maybe it was the ball of his dead kid and it reminds him too much.
you should rename it 60 seconds of "Meh"

Not awesome at all

I very much disliked this flash. It wasn't awesome, and I feel cheated for that. It was more of a waste of 60 seconds.