Reviews for "60 Seconds of Awesome"


Well i like how instead of the easy way of uploading all of these as single entries you have taken the time to put them all together to create something with a bit more bite for the viewer to sink their teeth into. The highlight for me had to be the music you had playing in the background, three great tunes that all worked well with your animation, you must have taken a long time to pick the right music. The character designs were great, i like how you stuck to the same look throughout all of them. The best one had to the the skateboarding ramp one. The violence was also well executed in all of these shorts. Overall very cool and fun to watch.

Emrox responds:

Hooray. Someone who knows how long it takes to find music that actually matches the theme!

Pure Awesomeness

Loved the clips very funny and awesome. Also nice music with it

Flat Out Awesome!

Hahaha, the 1st one is the best! Though I really enjoyed the entire flash. There might be suggestions here and there, but I though it was perfect. Definitely going to my favourites list!

pretty awsome

i like the basic design and the fact thgat parts were predictabe made it even better as i was waiting for those moments when you could "see it coming". 10/10 5/5

awesome fail!

Title says it ALL!