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This was fine. Like the storyline, like he made an animation that was 10 minutes long. And the graphics were ok and the first one was funny talking on the phone (or whatever phone) and shooting the guy he was talking to. That was brilliant really BRILLIANT! This was very entertaining and this is going to my favorites. Very brilliant.

Nice quality modes, it was terrific and amazing. Also for the music, nice ones. What was the song for Mechanical Space? The title sounds cool. Or it isn't in any scenes but the credits. Oh well. Anyways, if you make a sequel or a prequel, make it good as this is! And if you make it a bit longer, i would crack up more than this but i liked this animation short.

At first, i thought this animation was a game that was going to be short, but i guessed wrong. It was really an animation, lol. Thanks for the extras. I really wanted to know what you wrote. I liked every single thing you did on this animation, thanks for submiting this, i always like these kinds of stuff.

Hope you enjoy my review.

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So, this is an animation that gets a 90/100.

Emrox responds:

It's good to know that someone actually read all the extra crap I wrote. (It was all on the spot, but still.)

Well, it's pretty awesome

I think that this is a damned fine collection of funny flash pieces, which only means that we need more and more of them. Now that you've got enough to make one episode, you need to come back with more episodes of this length and show us a big showcase of your ability and schtick.

I think that the graphics are great and the way that you cross the fourth wall in your pieces is certainly humorous and well delivered. Perhaps these could be extended a little longer each, but the way that you've set up at the moment is absolutely fine.

The next step is sound effects and voices, so these will present more of a challenge to you, unless you stick with the faceless characters that you currently employ, so perhaps a hybrid of the two would be even more awesome?

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Emrox responds:

Sound effects would definitely improve my next submission. I will be sticking with the faceless people, though. I'm not ignoring your suggestion, it's just that "10 seconds of pure awesome 7" came out before this was posted on newgrounds, and that keeps the same character design as seen in these clips. I may be taking on a new style soon, though!

Interesting Cconcept

Yes I have seen clips in 30 seconds and 50 seconds but this one was pretty entertaining and I watched it again! It was filled with weird puns that made it entertaining but I didn't like the songs you picked to go with it. Why didn't you use any voice acting at all because It is weird listening to music while watching to a movie with no Voice Acting but at least you had sound at all or else this would have been crap.

Did I see this on the front page because I thought I did! Oh well, this was pretty good and I liked the jokes you used. They made me laugh but I don't think you put much effort into this considering that it is only 60 seconds but who knows? It had pretty decent artwork too so you get 7 for that but I enjoyed the concept the most that made it interesting because it is like telling a story that is only 10 seconds long and that is pretty creative and that is a skill that most people probably don't have except that woman who talks the fastest for a world record.

Sorry that this review isn't that long because I don'y want to spend 20 minutes writing reviews all day and since this was a short flash but overall, I think you should get a mic or something for voice acting and other things or even ask OTHER people for voice acting but yet again, they could only make audio that is 10 seconds long but anyways, here is the overall score

Art 8/10
Concept 9/10
Audio 6/10
Originality 10/10

You should make a sequel with 120 seconds of awesome so you can have 12 clips in it but I guess this was pretty good and decent so you have my word!

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Emrox responds:

120 seconds of pure awesome... that's a good idea...

BTW: No, this was not front paged (sniff, sniff)

Pretty cool 10 seconds I guess

Had a pretty nice concept but imagine if you had strung them altogether as one very long and tediously awesome movie instead? That would have been a pretty nice little silly idea as well.

Animation: Seemed pretty cool considering I haven't seen that style in a while. Good details on the slow motion part in piece four though.

Storyline: Since I can't really sum them all up at once...

piece one: Calling up a guy just to shoot him dead, silly guy should have resisted the urge to pick it up. Oh well, he would have died anyway.

piece two: He throws a baseball and travels the world only to kill him by hitting him in the back of the skull, he must not know his own strength.

piece three: Smoking kills, enough said.

piece four: He can dodge one car but not the other due to sheer stupidity.

piece five: Watch where you skate.

piece six: Getting the ball in the hoop is not as easy as it looks.

Audio: All of them seemed very fitting but to me This Way DEMO seemed to be deemed most fitting with the attitude of each segment anyways. All the audio pieces were pretty cool.

Overall: Very nice little sketched animations, not much to fix, maybe a bit longer segments next time would be nice. Nice job.

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Emrox responds:

I originally had "this way" alone, but it's such an overused song. That's mainly why I tried to find other tunes, but they didn't fit QUITE as well.

Cool Concept

The concept was pretty cool.

The menu design was very solid, it was on par with the way I design my menus!
Which is to say it had a bunch of features no one will ever use.

The extras you added were pretty cool.
A good selection of music, rounded out the piece.

Some of the animation was lacking, but overall it was a really well executed project.

It reminded me of another submission on the portal called "One Big Morphing Orgasm", but that may only be because there was a piece of music that was used in both submissions.

It obviously was pretty short, although very well done!

- Celx
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Emrox responds:

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it!

I actually found the song "sadja's soul" via that movie. It was too good a song... I couldn't resist using it!