Reviews for "60 Seconds of Awesome"

Not awesome at all

I very much disliked this flash. It wasn't awesome, and I feel cheated for that. It was more of a waste of 60 seconds.

what the cheese..

not that funny. pretty damn gay actually.

Not THAT awesome...

well,, first of all, why do you named this
60 seconds of awesome,, if there are not
60 seconds and there are no awesome...
well,, still good job, good ideas,, cool
animation style.

Flat Out Awesome!

Hahaha, the 1st one is the best! Though I really enjoyed the entire flash. There might be suggestions here and there, but I though it was perfect. Definitely going to my favourites list!

Nice ideas

There are some nice ideas in the flash, especially the first one and that part where he jumps over the car and gets hit by the next one.

The graphcis are quite simple, but very effective. I still would like it better if the people had real faces.

The menu is very nice and I like that I can chose between three very different songs. Nearly every user should find something there that he likes.

{ Review Request Club }

Emrox responds:

Thank you. It took a while to find those songs.