Reviews for "60 Seconds of Awesome"

Ok, but

I gotta admit it wasn't too great. Everything was so predictable and, in the end, it wasn't very funny.

Ninjas are NOT awesome..

BTW i enjoyed the video... SOME PARTS of the video...
I like it becouse its awesome. But i hate it at the same time becouse the events are too predictable! Make more! Put more effort! So it will be "60 Seconds of awesome" and NOT "60 seconds of funny deaths".
Think about this. k? ;)


had some great chill music accompanying it....i almost freestyled..NOT!!!

where my ninjas at?

dude... you promised awesome... ninjas = awesome. there for awesome equals! ninjas! YET there were NO ninjas!... this will not stand... >:(


I would say about 30 of the 60 seconds of awesome was actually 'awesome'.
Had it been an entire 60 seconds, I would have given you a ten.
However, this equals only 50% of the initially promised 100%.
As such, I am giving you a 5 out of 10.

How's that for Quid Pro Quo? :D