Reviews for "LF2 - Julian War Ch.1"

Nice animation

I cant wait for the next one.

DS-anim responds:

Tomorrow lay out a second series.


you dont know how much i was waiting to see a good animation of LF >w< please tell me that Deep is going to be there... i luv him... xD and the music... God you choosed exelent music... MORTALL KOMBAT!!! xD

DS-anim responds:

All characters will be in this series, and Deep

Way to go!

You've got talent, DS :)
And i have something to tell to everyone else: I will be translating the rest of the series (note that this one was re-uploaded by the author, you may need to clear browser's chache to watch the new version of this movie), and i did re-translated this one. Hope you'll like it! :)


This Stage of julian's castle?
so that place is by lf2.0?


good!!!!!!!!!! its better than lf2 alpha