Reviews for "LF2 - Julian War Ch.1"

Way to go!

You've got talent, DS :)
And i have something to tell to everyone else: I will be translating the rest of the series (note that this one was re-uploaded by the author, you may need to clear browser's chache to watch the new version of this movie), and i did re-translated this one. Hope you'll like it! :)

its good

i would have given it a 10, but isnt it a little not worth it to write jibberish in the word
and what they are really saying at the bottom. don't consider it criticsm, I just find it
a little unessecary. good vid though, man


you dont know how much i was waiting to see a good animation of LF >w< please tell me that Deep is going to be there... i luv him... xD and the music... God you choosed exelent music... MORTALL KOMBAT!!! xD

DS-anim responds:

All characters will be in this series, and Deep

Nice animation

I cant wait for the next one.

DS-anim responds:

Tomorrow lay out a second series.


The constant ridicilously bad subtitles kind fo ruined it for me.
Other than that, it wasn't... too bad. I liked the use of background terrain in fights like when Julian smashed Davis against the beam. But really, using only LF artwork for your flash, anyone can do that. If you're gonna do something like that in the first place, you really have to make something creative and new, especially in the fights, to make it interesting.

DS-anim responds:

I already wrote, this is my first series, tomorrow or today is translated and the second series (all four are ready). This series, I confess honestly, was created in haste, just 37 hours. The second and subsequent series do not have to taste bitter, and who begins to cool once Cartoons? None.