Reviews for "Hobo Prison Brawl"


Goooooood game,also here are some cheats

first level with all the combos : megahobo
Last level: prisonbreak

Goodbye ^^

Good game!

I played Hobo 1 and this seems like a good continuation. The only reason I didn't give 10/10 was that I felt there was room for a looooot more creativity. I welcome the addition of new combos and the pistol, but I felt the environment could have been more interactive, more things to throw, more moves than simply mashing A and S, more kinds of enemies, etc.

But I enjoyed it greatly!


I hate the glitch but i like that you kept the controls and combos from the first one.


the boss is so freakin hard, i suck at this game. sigh

Ewwwww...that was fun

All i gotta say is KA ME HA ME POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That was funny but so gross. Great game can't wait for round 3.