Reviews for "Sonic Speed Spotter"


The idea's not original, but it's nice to find a Sonic-themed one. I would've like some kind of animation though. It's Sonic after all.

Some differences were lazy, I felt, because it lacked difficulty. However, the game still required patience for me.

Other than that, I liked the song in the back. I remember the lyrics somewhat. It may get repetitive for some people, so I'd recommend more music choices.

My score is 1585.

Great puzzle game

I liked this little game you made,the concept of it was neat on how you had to point out the differences between the two pictures of Sonic characters,the music went well with it and it was a pretty tough game the longer it went on but overall i had fun with it and think you did a solid job.

Props for being a licensed Sonic game, but...

Several of the differences were ridiculously obvious! These included: Eye color, mouths-and even an idiot could see the missing buttons on Dr. Eggman in level 7! What, did you, like, decide to slack off because you thought a licensed Sonic game was automatically perfect?

:O!! i watched sonic x when i was like 8

rofl it was so awsome XD i liked this game :) keep upp the good work :o

niiice :3

got 1762 points :P
nice game for all fans of sonic