Reviews for "Blackjack / Freedia"

I've done it!

It was hard but I beated her! :D
Jou just need to keep trying. It's a matter of luck and choices.

For people who think this game is rigged

I just played this game like four times and I finally won! It was hard and I almost lost the last game but it was fun. So yea this game isnt rigged and it is hard just have to play alot.

Pretty good for a quicky

The art is very good, the mechanics simple and efficient. I had no trouble with winning. I think that if you combine more characters and build some sort of casino around it, it will become more of a real game.

wow stardust

stardust all you gave is really incredible even from a guy who doesnt make games wow

Decent game..

It's all right but a little simplistic. More character choices would have been nice (you have another game just like this with another character. Perhaps combining both into one game would be better).

If you're even reasonably good at blackjack this game isn't that hard. Best way to play is to follow standard casino house rules. That means you hit on 16 and everything lower, and stay on 17 and everything higher. You won't win EVERY hand, but you'll win more than you lose. (I would also say to never split or double-down, but that functionality isn't in this game, and doesn't really need to be)