Reviews for "Blackjack / Freedia"

I've done it!

It was hard but I beated her! :D
Jou just need to keep trying. It's a matter of luck and choices.


this game is rigged rigged rigged.
there is no way to beat it. you either bust or get a draw.
and im not just saying that because i can't play black jack. even a retard should be able to beat this after a long time, but no. and i almost got the bitch naked and then i busted and all her clothes were back on and i still have clothes to lose.

RonPimpster responds:

Don't be frustrated. The game is NOT rigged. It appears to be hard because you have to be really really good to win.

The probability of winning is very hard, because of the simple fact that you have to have really good hands back to back. Think of it as a tug of war game. If you win, she takes a piece of clothes off, if she wins she gets it back. So to get her down to the final stage, you literally have to win like 8 games in a row. So if you lose, you have to win 2 games to make up for the 1 game loss to get ahead. If you lose 1 game, you have to win 1 game back to be at the same level you were before.

Just keep trying, you'll win eventually. My strategy is always play it safe. And stay.

This game is modeled after a real deck. So when you hear the deck shuffling noise. That means the deck has been reset/reshuffled. If you are really good at counting cards. You can beat this game. Make a list of the cards, and cross of cards you've seen already. This will help you figure out your chances of getting a good card when you "Hit". Listen for the card re-shuffle noise.