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Reviews for "Spot and Stripey"


That was rather confusing.... but I think I want my body to be filled with explosives when I die :-D

what the???

Some people have been givin this interactivity lik 5 and 8. By doin what??? It realy wasn`t funny.

a 3, overall, very sad

it was original, so it would have been way better with better graphics, and better sound. there were no surprises either, you told us practically what it was befour hand. better luck next time.

Poor by today's standards but good 4 an old movie

That wasn't too bad I guess, it wasn't unneccesarily long, it made it's joke and was over rather than continuing on with a load of crap so no complaints there. By the old standard of movies this is a pretty god flash but by today's standards it's nothing, for back then you did a fairply good job though.


eehhh.......kinda sucked but i guess it wasnt that bad but still.......