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Reviews for "Spot and Stripey"


this is an old joke. not my version of funny.


the good:
heh, that was pretty scary, but also pretty cool.
the animations are quite good and the graphics are all right. i liked the lip sync of this flash. it's basically the first of those old flashes, that uses proper lip sync. good job!

the bad:
i didn't like the voices. i do like the fact, that you did some voice acting, i just didn't like how it was done. i think, the voices don't fit too well for the characters.

the ugly:
i liked the flash, but try to add better voice acting next time.

It's okay

But only because dog#s are cool.


well ok, you have a sense of humour, but not my type, so hey, you did good, just try making a sequal that actually makes sense to everyone


It had a funny ending nothin more.
Good one though