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Reviews for "Fourth Kind in 31.7 Secs"

fairly cool

i liked it better thna anythnig i could ever do


perfect summary of a movie that seemed cool until you google it

preety funny

preety funny animations are okay overall is a decent flash gj

not funny by the way

-the voices were kinda annoying and hard to understand
- the switch between good animating and bad animating had me really confused. if you are that good at animating why use stick figures? it just belittles yourself.

still the movie was ok. nice job

The-Mercenary responds:

There obviously was a reason why I switched to stick figures. I dont know if you've seen the movie or not, but the stick figures in the "actual footage" represent the fact that the footage is completely fake, the green headed stick figure represents Elias Koteas, the actor for the dickheaded cop that seemed to be smiling for no reason the entire movie and seemed "out of place", therefore the stick figure was drawn badly to make him seem "out of place." This was just an experiment, I can now think of better ways I could have approached the summary, this style obviously didn't return the right results.