Reviews for "Ninja Dress Up"


and i think the blurry thing is a shield

everythin works

this game works fine

good effort...

it was all good, i liked the art a bit (it wasn't shitty) except some things wouldn't drag, it needs music, and maybe add some effects or something onto the clothes to spice them up a bit :D

exzeta responds:

Yeah the art isnt bad.It has music.

Good attempt

I like the effort you put into the designing of the clothes, and the backgrounds were pretty inventive, but I think if you put your head to it, you could do better, what with designing snap-to locations and whatnot. Another try is in effect for sure. BTW, what is the blurry blue thing? A hat? Maybe next time, do a samurai thing, that'd be cool!

exzeta responds:

Samurais FTW!


At least it was worth a try.

exzeta responds:

Yeah it is.