Reviews for "Painting the Doll"

C'est une délicat fille avec une peinture représentent les parfumé chrysanthèmes, mon favori, blanc comme le lait et la peinture a une apparence comme l'image d'un romantique ♡ (pardon pour mon français, c'est mon point de vue pour cette magnifique image)

I'm glad this got Front Paged, IDK what the 'different process' is but it sure looks smoother or glossier than your previous works somehow. The tattoo looks like it's laying flat on her back, and has realistic saturation levels. I'm always looking forward to one of your new pieces ;)

Amazing work!

I love the idea and the execution, the shading is beautiful and her expression and body, adorable.
However I think the only thing that would have made this piece better is if it was consistent with the concept of the doll being painted and therefore, giving the paint/acrylic a different texture to everything else, maybe at end of the painted stroke on her leg fading a little bit to indicate the brush ran out of paint. I'm not saying go realistic or anything, this style is on point. But yeah, to me the lack of texture variety is a bit of a downer.

pretty neato.