Reviews for "GRIDZ"

pure genious

Juts what the title says. This is a great addicting little puzzle game


Great Game... Very addicting and very difficult. graphix were great and the music is very mood setting lol......great achievment on your part, Congrats!

epic game

i got soo addicted to the last one, glad i got to play this one too



Can we make levels (and random levels)
and throw it at an AI solver,
to see if a puzzle is SOLVEABLE or UNSOLVABLE
and in what minimum of moves?
(And show the moves in an animation?)

How about 3 or more power sources?

Serious GAME OF LIFE potential here!

Great job!


I LOVE IT!!!!!

This is fabulous!!!!! (But there is room for improvement)

Here are some ideas for Grid 3.0:

Lever Editor with AI solver, like Satori75 said
4 Power Scources, Blue, pink, green and orange
Diagonal lines in glyphs that connect to others diagonally
Coloured glyphs that can only be connected to the right colour, even when their black
You get a gold award on a level if you finish it in minimum moves, and every gold award unlocks the *Diabolical Level Set* which has ridiculously hard levels and 5 power types (White as the 5th one?)

Anyway, this is brilliant! It starts easy, with clear tutorials, and then once everything is explained, it gets crazy! Wicked!!
I'm only about halfway, and I'm hoping it gets almost impossible soon! Great job, 11 out of 10!