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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

i love ur stuff

The ending was badass =D

Nice drawings!

The voices were like the only downside (except for those of TF2 and L4D :p). Keep up the good work ;)!

Sabtastic responds:

Hehe - yeah. The TF2 and L4D ones were my favourites too.

I got a kick out of the last one.

Anyway theres one thing that i noticed, when you skip to the one with Zoey you dont hear the knocking on the window, not a big prob tho, and good job!!

Sabtastic responds:

Oh shoot. :o
...I wonder why that is. D:

Thanks for telling me!!

That was great!

For your first attempt at flash, you've already surpassed a large number of artists on this site doing flash parodies. Really nice movements, smooth animations, and the final part in the flash was riotously funny to me. So keep it up!

That's about the coolest practice animation i have ever seen! i am almoast done with one too. *mine is still in the flash 8 program, waiting to be finished