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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Achievement Unlocked~ ZING!

Pretty awesome seeing how long it has been sense i have seen any thing from you made in flash
I can hook you up with some (at least one) awesome voice actors if you plan on making anything else ;)

Sabtastic responds:

I know eh??
The most I've ever used Flash for was to make shitty little moving icons that I wouldn't even draw IN flash. Then I discovered that you could do that in photoshop, so I just discontinued using Flash alltogether. D:>

But now that you mention the voice acting -- I'm kind of intruiged. >:3
It crossed my mind at some point to get friends together and animate short clips of their voices, kinda like I did here, only with original audio! .. For practise again, of course. >X)

Just a thought, though!! :D

Good for you.=)

A unique idea that was short and sweet. Enjoyed it. I don't even have to look at your artwork for your redemption. haha. But that's pretty tight too.

Sabtastic responds:

Well thanks! c:
Glad ya liked it!

Wow, that was really good.

Everything was moving smoothly. The lip syncing is pretty spot on and the expressions are very well done... Except I find it a bit weird how the 2nd face has such a tiny pout in the end. Oh, and the 3rd one, the guy who uses the Heavy's voice, if you ask me the mouth should be bigger considering the Heavy's kinda yelling those words out. But nothing, NOTHING, beats that thumbs up at the end. I keep replaying that part. I find it so hilarious, I just don't know why...

Most Excellent.

This Flash was rather quaint and enjoyable, but the face combined with the achievement thing was just my cup of tea. If I could insert a LOLROFLMAOBBQWIN face I would. And good job on the first time.


just THIS
I loved it as soon as I heard that lovely turret
And then Navi?!