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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Good work

The animation was nice now just put together a story line and you'll have a nice flash for us to see.


The ending was quite a laugh >)

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks! :3

Pretty good!!


Graphics were immensely shaded which was very nice, most I've seen shaded on a flash... lip syncing was good too but could use some improvement..Taking lines from video games and mixing them to make a script must've been kinda hard to make up. and even harder to make it make sense. The Humor too it wasn't the best and I didn't find it much funny EXCEP the end when you got the achievement. I laughed at that part. Just as a lil' comment I'm the 1,000 viewer on this!! ha ha :D

- Good Luck with Flash in the future!! :D

Sabtastic responds:

The lip sync was what I had the most trouble with! :P ...I don't like the frame-by-frame version of lip-syncing. I know there's a couple other ways to do it, but I'm not aware of how to! D:>

I wish I knew how to stretch and skew shapes so that they would sort of morph into eachother, kind of like what the really good flash artists on NG can do.

But, alas! *dramaface*
Oh - grats on the 1,000th view, too!!


I guess it's good. might be bad 'cuse sometin' is messed up with NG today. oh well.

Sabtastic responds:

Not sure what you mean, but thanks for the 8!