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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Great first attempt!!

You've used some great voices, and put them together so its funny, animation is fluid and the sync is right on time.

Facial expressions, and poses are great; and the function to skip or rewind is a good touch!!

Well done, I'd love to see some more!

Sabtastic responds:

Thankyouuu! 83
I'm glad it's not too terrible after all! hahaha


Xbox 360 style achievement unlock now that made me lol a bit maybe I can do some modifications to the game and make it that way.

Sabtastic responds:

Hehe - I thought it'd be a nice 'please don't blam me' touch, too. :D

haha nice

so why don't more women share your tastes in games and animation... oh well, anyway very nice artwork and some nice game shout outs, can't get enough L4d... so way to bring zoe into the mix. even though as ai she thinks it's cool to use pistols instead of her snazzy hunting rifle to rescue people. but yeah keep it up with the animation, you have the art skills already now just make your creations move and come to life. GL and btw no need to "pps" if it's really that horrible. you know yourself it's far from that so don't allow chips on shoulders


Nice experiment

The flash artwork was good. The Portal auto turret voice in the beginning was just creepy. I'd say the next step is to put together a good story and animate it. Best of luck.

Sabtastic responds:

haha - yeah. It creeped out a lot of the friends I showed it to while it was still in progress. XD


Wish there was a 4.5 button.

Still better at Flash than I am.
Though that's like beating a newborn at brick-eating.