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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

In the last scene I recognized you lol..

I know you from your artwork from the art portal lol.. funny that ur doing flash as well :P it's quite good if it's your first ;) keep it up!

Sabtastic responds:

Heehee. >XD
I always wanted to try animating myself, somehow.. :3

You recognised me?!? :DD Lol - the name, or the red shirt??
*is flattered*

its great!

add some background music and some more random spoofs here and there and you got a perfectly awesome flash which deserves front page....

(a lot of flashes worse then this made it XD )

I love you

Well ending was kick ass :D Made me happy

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks lol

Rikku at the end

Nice ,, nothing

Sabtastic responds:

..Rikku? lol


really nice, but where did you get the TF2 voices? the engineer saying "come here you sissy" was awesome.

Sabtastic responds:

Just google "TF2 Taunts", and it should come up on a downloadable soundboard website. :)