Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

So ...

This actually happened to you? Cool!

Now, I understand why Santa needs all his "little helpers".

You probably were the 1st one, weren't you? =)



Interesting flash

That's what I got for Christmas that year !


I uhh... I don't get what happened to the kids in 1999, and the sick humor involving Santa was messed up, nor did I enjoy the images of apacalyptic 2009... the only thing getting you a 7 is that the animation and drawing was really well done, but this honestly is not much of a Christmas flash. In all honesty, however, I never got Pokemon Yellow. It's ok to feel sad.

golfinho responds:

in 2000 in had pokemon yellow!


Your animation was pretty f'ed up and wierd. But it wasnt bad... Also I have the pokemon yellow gameboy and I didnt even have to touch anyone's junk :).

golfinho responds:

rare game now....