Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

didnt know santa got messages in a bottle

Maybe thats why my 1999 christmas was just action figures and clothes :'( Still I liked this animation albeit it was a tad strange. Only thing I wouldve put in to improve it is a littl emore sound it seemed a little too quiet just to me.

you're brazilian aren't you?

chamado "golfinho", rindo "kkkkkkkkk"e cousa e tal, claro que tu é brasileiro

mas beleza, bom flahs e tal, mas quando começou jurava que era algo nada haver

True Story?

Santa molested you? Well not as bad as Micheal Jackson.


it happnd to me too but not the rape part

golfinho responds:

rape with game boy is a popular fetish!


good animation and nice bg music too.. santa is playing games wit teh boy..

golfinho responds:

thanks man!