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Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"


that scared me...i shall have nightmares...

golfinho responds:

I'll protect you, do not be afraid


Great work with building the atmosphere throughout this short flash movie. I thought your use of quick edits along with the sharp sound effects added so much tension to this flash, so congrats. The character designs of the adult version of the child was perfectly done, i loved the detail of the nose. The only thing i would fix up is the ending as it seemed a bit strange of a message to give. Overall a dark and mildy funny flash.

golfinho responds:

very thanks! i am the character! : <>


i liked it, i know your either brazilian or portuguese due to the name, and the way you laughed, the kkkkk thing xD i liked it very much, the flashbacks and santa making it clear you would do ANYTHING for it lol

santa scares me...

...and the fat bastard never brought me my nintendo 64 i asked for several years in a row. well done flash though, kinda trippy.

Um ok..lol