Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

dude wat did santa do 2 the kid did he hump him

little wierd

golfinho responds:

weird?! very very very thanks!


sick! i loled

golfinho responds:

sick?! veryy very thankss!!


wait so were you killed or did you get raped? did you get raped? All santa did was put it in his pants, so maybe he was just fuckin with the kid. Thats weird. Is it fair to assume that this is very loosly based on a real story which you totally blew out of porportion to mindfuck anyone who watches this with a sane mind?


Wait..what happened in 1999? if you would've made that more clear i probably would have enjoyed it more....and i'm preeeeettty sure Santa has been dead for centuries...and never exsisted in the first place. :P

What Happened In 1999?

i didnt really like this flash... abusing Santa is not right xP

golfinho responds:

cool mam!