Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

weird vid

very weird but funny thing is.. Christmas 1999 I got a gamboy color and pokemon yellow :)

thats all i wanted to in 1999

i just got cloths T_T

golfinho responds:

thanks man

Mnogu dobra rabota

Impressive. You have the meditating insight of Alfred Lord Tennyson and the euphemism treadmill of a young Ren Van Stimpy. Death to smoochy.

golfinho responds:

thanks mister sick...Ops! mister bizzaro.

You've got true vision

Hilarious. I'd beat someone to death with thier own arms to collab w/ you and Piexaquatico

golfinho responds:

yeah! you still is cool.

haha pretty good.

It's a good animation all togeather. Congratulations on the wacom tavlet, you deserve it.