Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"


thats messed up, i hope that kid didnt get raped. it is fucked up the shit that happens in this world

Aww =(

I hope u got ur wish back in 1999 lol anyways i was expecting it to be longer good but a little disapointing =-(

golfinho responds:

yes... 1999 forever!


original, sem sentido, selvagem e... apocaliptico

golfinho responds:

vlw gabi!


Hilarious how that guy was creeping around the apocalyptic landscape carrying around his game boy, Well I guess he went through a lot to get it.

golfinho responds:

yah! i am that guy!

Children you killed?

I loved the look on the kid's face when Santa stuck the Game Boy down his pants. I didn't get the post apocalyptic Earth or what "kids" there were. I loved this in spite of the lack of story. I LOVE the wierdness.

golfinho responds: