Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"


That was the creepiest thing ive seen pedo bear santa
lol you should make horror flash

confusing and great 10/10 except the santa part grossed me out.


That was great, bro. Mrs. Clause must be slacking off.

what a good childhood

ok that was weird, but overral animation is great, very creepy.
this is what al christmas should be like!

golfinho responds:

thanks! my childhood is poor!

that was... interesting...

...this is a true story?

...so, wait... you were sexually abused by a guy dressed as santa claus because you wrote in a letter that you'd do anything for one?

...im confused...

...and what happened in 1999? what were kids doing getting killed in that year?

this flash confused me quite a lot... but it was still interesting to watch. >_>


I love it when artists cross the line like that. I can totally relate to...all I wanted that Christmas was a Pikachu Pokemon watch. Everybody had one. I did not. They were, what, $20? I HATE MY PARENTS!!!

golfinho responds:

thanks... sad history man!