Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

. . . ?

If this was a true story did u get the gameboy out of santa's pants ?
And if so thats a wried childhood , and whats with this 1999 ?

golfinho responds:

no ! te game boy is infected!

very nice

silly boy, santa doesnt live in the ocean. The animation was nice tho, and the creepy ambient music seemed to fit well with it. Good job mate.

golfinho responds:


Oh my....

Kinda really sad story (((
But animation - perfect as well - reminds me Waldemar Shurr's works )
Music choosed in a right way - i like ambient )
I don't see anything fun here (Santa's teasing for a child looks very cruel )
In anyway - this work is a good for a frontpage - well done - 10/10

P.S. - i had a dream about gameboy too but now i want PSP for Christmas (In my country New Year) Of cource i can buy it but i would like to take it like a gift from Santa under the X-mas Tree , and i can wait anytime for this miracle at one day )
Also the same tear slided on my face when i saw the text about memory for killed children in 1999. Thanx for the movie again - it's made my day )

golfinho responds:

very thanks man!

fucking awesom

this is sick, awesom and funn as hell!
love it love the gross faces and sick things thet all your characters do!
awesom cartoon
real realy gross!

didnt know santa got messages in a bottle

Maybe thats why my 1999 christmas was just action figures and clothes :'( Still I liked this animation albeit it was a tad strange. Only thing I wouldve put in to improve it is a littl emore sound it seemed a little too quiet just to me.