Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"


pretty bad story actually :D i give you a 10

Very... Emotional?

I can't lie, I liked it. In some parts I found myself laughing. I really like your art style and your style of animation but one thing that bugged me was how fast it goes. This doesn't apply to just this flash. I saw some of your other flashes as well and noticed this same problem. The drawings are really well done but when the animation hits it's sort off too fast. You have to be paying a lot of attention so you don't get lost. But overall I really liked this flash it was pretty silly and what made it as funny as it is right now was the Santa scene.

I hope you keep it up :D.

So ...

This actually happened to you? Cool!

Now, I understand why Santa needs all his "little helpers".

You probably were the 1st one, weren't you? =)


i liked it, i know your either brazilian or portuguese due to the name, and the way you laughed, the kkkkk thing xD i liked it very much, the flashbacks and santa making it clear you would do ANYTHING for it lol

you're brazilian aren't you?

chamado "golfinho", rindo "kkkkkkkkk"e cousa e tal, claro que tu é brasileiro

mas beleza, bom flahs e tal, mas quando começou jurava que era algo nada haver