Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

Guilty Pleasure

This flash was deliciously surreal.
Pokemon Yellow was infact THE SHIT
Along with Pokemon Stadium and Banjo Kazooie
It's so funny because the Pokemon games were made so haphazardly
Like the volatile saving systemt hat required a battery
and if it died, goodbye lvl100 poliwrath

but it was better times..

Uh... o.0

Wow, this was wonderfully awkward.

golfinho responds:

thanks man

so many horibble memories


golfinho responds:

yes, horrible but this is last 10 years.... 1999 forever!

Loved it.

Don't mind those people giving it low scores, they clearly didn't grow up in the 90's. They wouldn't understand just how AWESOME a gameboy was back then, as well as Pokemon YELLOW. I can't give you a 10/10, since it was a bit weird, but it definitely made me chuckle.

And in the spirit of 1990's Christmas I'll simply say "NINTENDO 64!!!!"

golfinho responds:

yeah! i had a N64 with pokemon stadium and banjo kazooie! ... fuck wiI

its about time

someone went back how gameboys enslaved us when we were kids. great interpretation i give you a 10!