Reviews for "My Sad Christmas 1999"

that was

that scared the shit out of me man , its creepy but good job


What's that thing he's holding in his hand?
And, in the first part, when he ACTUALLY wrote the letter, it said, :
Dear Santa:
I would DO anything for a game boy

but on 25th Dec 1999 (in the story), a (VERY RUDE and FAKE) Santa MODIFIED the letter to:
Dear Santa:
I would Anything for a game boy

Does this show how rude santa is? If so, score 1 for this flash, santa 0!

golfinho responds:

in 1999 i am a bad student! : <> thanks


Go! Live your Dream! Get Pokemon Yellow for the Visual Boy Advanced (find them on the interwebs! Google all the way!)


pidofile santa?
anywhere the flash is very great nice story or sad?
very good 10/10 5/5

golfinho responds:

yes! is weird sad! thanks man!


it happnd to me too but not the rape part

golfinho responds:

rape with game boy is a popular fetish!