Reviews for "FFD-X Demo V1.0"

Not bad...... create the full version , ok.?

pretty good for a demo

not bad at all. But as you said, needs soundfx.

Still needs work

For a first attempt and not alot of time to pt in, you have done an alright job. The animation is good, and it works pretty well but here are the problems I have noticed.

1. Impossible to beat unless you use overdrive as you do less damage than the enemy.

2. After depleting all the enemies health, the battle continues. You should get XP and a chance to heal then move onto the next battle.

3. After not moving in and the enemy still attacking, my health was depleted to 0. The health bar then filled up again but none of the buttons worked.

4. I re-winded to check for anymore bugs but the buttons still would not work.

Keep up the work and I'm sure you will have a decent game very soon.

Great! I like RPG.

If someone press "Attack" after his turn, he can play severals turns.
Please! Disable the buttons in the combats scenes!

Good animation, but you need to put more actions. Maybe 1 weak magic by each chaos emeralds. Here some ideas : (Strength+, Defense+, Speed+, Magic+, Magic shield+, Heal, Remedy, Fly...). So, if you make a full RPG, Sonic will get every emeralds one by one. Here the necessity of small magics. You can also put "Catching power rings" for extra MP.