Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

Good idea

You did a good job in duplicating Midam's characters and jokes.

It's actually both good and bad, since it's not very creative when you really think of it...

test-object responds:

I realise that. The initial assignement was "animate a painting".
I thought to myself: "screw that Monty Python-ish stuff, I'm making an animation based on a modern form of art: comics. "

(I do love Monty Python and its animation though ;3)

it's all?

well , is a good animation but too short and a little.......uncreative , so , i will give u a 6 , i was thinking on 7 but when i think "it's all"? , well , u know the rest

I mean it wasn;t great but....

I love the "game over yeah!!!!!!" lol, I remember that from dreamcast, I remember joking with my friends about what a deuschbag way to say you fuckin lost, lol! so because you inspired that old memory and because that music was from sonic, I gave it a 5/5 but as far as the review score I'll give you a 6/10 I know this equates to a 3/5 but I loved that GAME OVER YEEAAAHH!

I didn't really like this video until

I heard sonic music.

A tad too predictable

I saw the punchline in this movie coming from a mile away... Although the animation and drawings were really well done, the action was far too short to really enjoy. You might also want to work on the sound effects for the footsteps, sounds nothing like walking AT all.

Overall its ok, but not perfect.

test-object responds:

Most sound effects, including the footsteps were taken from internet though. I swear to God that was the best one out there : (

Thanks for the great review. ^^