Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

I mean it wasn;t great but....

I love the "game over yeah!!!!!!" lol, I remember that from dreamcast, I remember joking with my friends about what a deuschbag way to say you fuckin lost, lol! so because you inspired that old memory and because that music was from sonic, I gave it a 5/5 but as far as the review score I'll give you a 6/10 I know this equates to a 3/5 but I loved that GAME OVER YEEAAAHH!

What an idiot!

If it was a game the whole time, why didn't that poon jus kill it.
he is not a gamer!


The bitch got pwned :P


This was good! Hey Dieter, fuck those people who's dawging you and anyway I saw yours first so i'll always remember yours! WTF IS MIDAM!? SHUT UP YOU LIL BASTARDS! Good job and I must quote again...GAME OVER YEAAAH! That was my favorite part! This is going in my favorites!

not half bad

hey! dumb %@#$ under me! dont criticize until A) you have a better animation and
B) until you can tell him how to fix the "problem". if you didnt like the video, then dont comment. plain and simple. so why dont you shut the FUCK up and get a life

by te way, good video man