Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

Game over YEEEAAAH!~

Cool animation, lol.
Wasn't the song used in the stare-down of cuteness a Sonic song?
It brought back some memories.
Anyways, I liked it, it was type short though, and basic, so, I'll give you a 9, I'd give you a 10, but I want you to be inspired to make more epicness :D

HA HA Kid Paddle

aaaaah...good times
great recreation of the games jokes it felt exactly like the original
you should do some flash starring him failling evry level he gets into

[in french]bonne recreation des jokes du jeux de la serie, on aurait dit l'original
Tu devrais faire un flash avec lui puis lui faire foirer tout ses niveau!...hahaha
(j'imagine que tu parle francais c'est pour ca que je te l'ecrit de meme)

test-object responds:

La francais n'est pas ma langue maternelle, mais je la parle un petit peu. Je suis un Flamande :P

I didn't really like this video until

I heard sonic music.


Kid Paddle! I used to watch that, not too long ago!

Aside from that, the animation itself is pretty good. Some decent humour, too.

"Is hoping for hot mouth waxing"

It was ok, I didnt lol, but it was too cliche'