Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"


Short, but funny. Sound of his shoes got a bit repetative and noticeable, but maybe that's just me. it did have smoothe animation, however, and i did like the drawing style.

pretty cool.

the art reminds me of the sunday comics in the paper.

Um... OK?

Well, it was actually pretty good, but nothing special... 3/5 7/10


He´s a genius! I own most of his Comics, although some are in french and I can´t read them. Well, you basically ripped off his stuff :) But for making his art more popular, you deserve a 7. Oh, and check out my game "Mashhouse" if you´re a fan of kid paddle. It´s highly influenced by the series.

test-object responds:

I remember playing that, I even was a bit mad you didn't use the barbarian as the main character :0

'twas a nice game though.

Loved it!!!!

great art, great animation, great humor!!

I disagree with the "too short" comments, the story takes just the time it needs, no more no less.