Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

AH kid paddle!

ILOVE KID PADDLE, good job, immitating this. but this is kinda stolen


Haha, indeed, very funny. I loved the concept.
And of course the Game Over YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAH! in the end.

omg. lmao

this is so true...cuteness kills the mightiest heros.....except chuck noris

test-object responds:

Segata Sanshiro is untouched by both cuteness OR Chuck Norris.

brings back memories...

I remember kid paddle and I also remember this exact thing happening to the little barbarian in one of the comics but even though great job.


KID PADDLEEE!!!!! AHHH J'adorais kid paddle!!! I loved kid paddle!!! I have almost all the comics... I loved the 90's in france!

If you don't know kid paddle, I highly recommend it. All about games, and it's very funny.