Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

Really nice.

Your art is really nice. The animation was pretty slick too.

My only issue was that it was too short and too simple. I understand you were going for a short and simple joke, but sometimes the viewer needs a bit more to be satisfied.

Overall it was great. :)

test-object responds:

The art is from Midam, as well was the joke.

nice style!

That's a really individual style of animation you've got there, I like the blurry speed of the feet. My only problem with this was that it was predictable, but I want to see more work from you! :D


u get a ten for the " GAME OVER YEAAAAAAAAA" sound effect
its from a stupid nascar game from the good ole days of gamin :D used to love tht game. nice anim btw lol

(title in work)

Short and simple, I enjoyed it. The movie was funny, if not a bit predictable, but the way you made it a video game at the end was interesting. Very good graphics and sound effects as well. Short and funny, but not very memorable.

if it was a game

if it was a game i woulda shot that fuck no remorse ina video game