Reviews for "The Little Barbarian"

it's all?

well , is a good animation but too short and a little.......uncreative , so , i will give u a 6 , i was thinking on 7 but when i think "it's all"? , well , u know the rest

Good idea

You did a good job in duplicating Midam's characters and jokes.

It's actually both good and bad, since it's not very creative when you really think of it...

test-object responds:

I realise that. The initial assignement was "animate a painting".
I thought to myself: "screw that Monty Python-ish stuff, I'm making an animation based on a modern form of art: comics. "

(I do love Monty Python and its animation though ;3)


i love kid paddle, but only the comic books.


hahahahahah this fantastic

Game Over Yeah!

I laughed so hard at that part becuase it seemed the game was excited that he lost. Great animation, the style reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes. Manly the shoes and the overall style of the heads. Seems like this could have been pulled right out of a newspaper and I like that kind of feel. The only thing that need a bit of work is the fire. A gradient is okay for a short cartoon, but more for a more complex animation it will need some more solid color. Fire is one hard thing to animate, but when you get it right it makes the whole animation better. Good job man and keep animating!

test-object responds:

Thank you for the feedback.