Reviews for "Moovlin PC Demo V2"

ok then

all i can say is, need a more to do then run around and grab points,
oh and the animasion was SHIT really even i could do better,
stop spaming sprites, make more then 5 frames for the moving, and just make it look better!
over all for the animasion SHIT!

and thats all i have to say.


So, is this a game? I click on "new profile" and I get some sort of level select screen, but nothing I click on makes it do anything. Seems like lousy programming if you ask me. I'll refrain fromvoting on it though, in case it's just a temporary problem.

Psychofig responds:

To get into a level, click on an orb that isn't dark. An orb with color will open up a mini menu at the bottom that let's you select the level you want to play below.