Reviews for "Moovlin PC Demo V2"


Alright, consider everything I haven't talked about in this review to be perfect.
1. The storyline and music were a tad cliche, but cliches have to come from somewhere.
2. There were a few issues with acceleration while crouching.
3. The enemy's bar should have faded so you knew how much time you had to attack.
4. If you hold run and pause, then unpause, he slides.
5. The flips still had a bit of a delay when you were on the ground.
6. Boost power doesn't decrease if you stop.
7. Moovlin's graphics are a little iffy. It's good, but you need a way to make his expressions look better. Just using lines doesn't cut it. You just need to redo his face.
8. It's still too strict with the leaderboard.
9. The street level is too misleading.
10. The boss battle was too methodical.
11. Mooviball's acceleration was whack.
12. I could fall off a platform as Mooviball and die before hitting a platform below.
13. Sunshine Plains' flower was way too hard to jump on.
14. Moovlin was too fast in the Plains.
15. The background is sometimes black. Make a background for those instances.
16. The subquests seemed to lag a lot.
17. The subquests didn't have cutscenes or anything.
18. Moovlin had so much health that the only threat was falling off the map. You should make either a health bonus after level completion or give him less health so enemies are dangerous. They did delay you for a bit, though.
19. If you pause and exit the battle with Truff, nothing mutes.
20. Needs more Mooviball levels!! Try doing loop the loops and stuff, speed boosts, and rad jumps.

Good demo, but fix stuff.

Psychofig responds:

1. Evil politician that is hell bent on taking over the world, and two robot recruits from a federation that try to stop him. That sounds exactly like... wait... nothing.
2. Didn't find anything wrong with that.
3. I will fix that, THANKS.
4. Oh wow, just noticed that. Will fix, THANKS.
5. I can make the delay shorter, but there still has to be some or else it is not realistic.
6. Since there is no boost power access in the demo, you're wrong on this. It decreases when you use the Boost.
7. Yeah, yeah. I can't change it now, since the cutscene faces aren't just one MC. It's cartoony, but you get the point, right?
8. Improving the jump feedback will probably stop alot of people from dying prematurely. I will get onto that, but the system will stay. Only people with skill should have access to the leaderboards....THANKS
9. I'll clear up the signs, THANKS.
10. Each boss is different, the battle lasts a max of 2 minutes so it shouldn't be a bother. I will improve graphics on it though...
11. No it isn't...
12. Hittest error, will fix. THANKS.
13. Might make it bigger, dumb floaty mechanics... THANKS.
14. You noticed it, eh? The cutscene after (not in demo) will explain why.
15. I'll make a nice background for the save states and death screen. THANKS.
16. Will optimize....
17. They aren't supposed to, since they don't have anything to do with the advancement of the story.
18. I'll make a health bonus. Don't worry, the next couple of levels require you to stop running and time everything, I'll dose them in obstacles...THANKS.
19. I can't fix that glitch, I dunno. 3 Audio tracks run in one frame and the mute won't work... I'll see what I can do, but if I can't fix it quick I won't bother. The player can make an exception...
20. Yup, there will be about 4 in the full game. Maybe more... My engine isn't good enough to support loops, but I was thinking of speed boost and maybe some anti-gravity, I dunno. It's all relative.... THANKS


Been playing since the psp version and its only gotten better! i cant wait for more!


Amazingly good, only a couple comments for you. A better pre-loader that doesn't just present us slow DSL users with a white box for 20 or 30 seconds would be nice, and it seems that the intro loops until you press the skip button. Other then minor polishing this is fantastic.

Psychofig responds:

I don't know how to get a pre-loader to work without the white screen. It seems everytime I make one, the white screen still pops up and you end up waiting for the thing...

But thank you for the review! I'll cut out the loop.


A fantastic platformer. Reminding me a lot of the old sega genesis days playing Sonic. Same level of fun and intrigue. The object of collecting as many coins and not being spiked to death while trying to reach the end of the level will never get old.

The sound track on this gave is very vibrant and keeps the player focused in the game. The cut scenes and story line of Moovlin is also a strong point. Voice acting is phenomenal.

Very good game.

Psychofig responds:

Thanks! It is supposed to be fast paced (like Sonic). It's fun reading all the different video games people relate to this, lol.

Thanks for the great review!

Nice Job

Nice job, nice cutscenes and gameplay, good avatar and obstacles.

Few things I would like:
Power ups (life, energy)
Cutscenes music
Go higher

hope that helps.

Psychofig responds:

Thanks for the review! There will be health power-ups later and music isn't necessary for cutscenes. I was also thinking of increasing the height of the game too.