Reviews for "Moovlin PC Demo V2"


Very cool! I have never seen so many cutscenes, and the voices were marvelous in them! The Gameplay was great too, it was much faster than most other platformers and the graphics were fantastic! The music was also very catchy, I went and downloaded every song you linked too! I cannot wait for the full game! 10/10.

Psychofig responds:

Thank you for the review!

:P, I'm confused on how to improve graphics because on one hand, people say they are great, and others hate them... :(


I like this game, Just a few things
It would be fun If there was separate minigames You can get to from the main menu
Maybe a Moovlin Customization screen? You could change his hairstyle or change him to another colour
Also, In most levels, My score was just behind yours, jfig, or at least, I think it ws yours

Psychofig responds:

The full game will have mini games, and I can't let the player customize Moovlin because it might not make too much sense. In the Mario games, Sonic, Crash, whatever, you never got to modify the character. It was something done in LBP, because it made sense. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Thank you for the review too!

I enjoyed it

However, its not a great game by any means. Theres not much content. Every level was the same thing. Im not sure how you could improve, but i got a strong feeling you were trying to emulate a sonic game.

One suggestion i would make is improve your voice acting, Moovlin sounded dead. Also, the city level was horrendous, and difficult to look at. It seemed scattered and confusing.

Most of this could easily be solved by improving your graphics, but as this is your first flash game, im not sure how good your art skills are, so im not deducting any points there.

Im going in circles i think, basically, your voice acting needs a lot of work, and you need to add more content. I also found no use for his crouch jump.

Psychofig responds:

Well, thanks for your feedback! I will try and add more variety to the levels. At this time though, I can't really change the voice acting. I'll see what I can do volume wise, but I can't re-record everything now.

I'll take into note your comment about the graphics too.... I'm not the best artist in the world, but when you have to do programming, animating, voice acting and all that, you tend not to focus on one area like graphics, rather gameplay...

And Sonic was an inspiration, but as you can see, it's definetly not like Sonic full feature wise.

Thanks for the review!

Nice but...

Improve graphics...


Psychofig responds:

I'm trying, I'm trying. Might add some more scratches to Moovlin, make level pieces more detailed. Maybe a complete re-haul of the Cheeseworld level will help...

Thanks for the review!

Not bad... but...

Great sound quality and corresponding animation effects. But wheres the game? Pretty nice teaser, though. Tried re-loading the page so I don't know if it's an end user issue or when you uploaded it to NG. Keep up the great work! I look forward to trying it out!

Psychofig responds:

Oh, you have to press skip. But thanks for the review, you can try it again now...