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Reviews for "Gunny Bears"

That was...

SWEET! HAHA... haha. ha.. ok im finished :)

Nom Nom Nom



Funy-mony won

I'm eating gummy bears ^_^

First off major props on the stop motion. It must of been a pain in the ass to deal with that. I bet it toke a few weeks or month to get everything right. I also love the candy you used. The candy corn as bullets. The gummy worms as killer snakes. The hot tiny harts as blood, the wrappers as fire , and the marshmallow as tnt and the gummy fish as man eating fish. The green/yellow and red gummy bears is also good and made me hungry. Also i'm assuming that you that eat those poor gummy bears and the evil look you gave us at the end. The hat... I love that hat it makes me wish i had one of those. After watching this again I going to head too the candy store just to devour them! Keep up the good work and hope too see more.

Ha ha!

Nice, a candy war! xD Really funny, random and candy. Lol you ate all the candy at the end.