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Reviews for "ZakFlash's Pig"


pretty fun. hardcore mode that is. The other mode was a little slow speed for me. I liked hardcore although I could only get to 16 seconds. Which felt like forever.


i find it so simple yet so difficult (i played on hardcore mode only) games like this are awesome simple enough to figure out but hard enough to make you want to keep goin to do better... great job i wouldve given it a 10 but it was maddingly hard to me even tho i couldve played at the easier level but i love it and the music was a great fit for the game. the graphics while simple are perfect for the the game its truly a great game and i dont like to review games that often, but games like yours deserve recognition and i commend your effort

Actually pretty fun

The game has nice physics and the concept is actually quite amusing, it does get a little repetitive after awhile though....

Omg i love it

The music and the pig and the cloudss YAY! FAVORITED!

Simple yet interesting

... and it's well-drawn. I like the soft music you included and that it's mutable. But it might be able to be further reduced or compressed though, as the game doesn't look like having to take up 2MB...